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Confidas Capital SP1 U.S. Real Estate Credit
Opportunity Note due 2029

U.S Real Estate Bridge Loans

Income producing, diversified portfolio of Bridge Loans backed by U.S. Real Estate


• Multi-Lender: loans managed by well-established, highly experienced U.S. Private Lenders (SEC-registered RIAs)
• Middle-market real estate (loan sizes $10-$200M)
• Major metropolitan areas of the United States
• Mainly
residential for rental (Multifamily & Senior Living) and sale (Condominiums)
• Mainly
floating rate (spread over SOFR)
• Uncorrelated and
low volatility
• Noteholders’ investments are fully invested on day one (no capital calls).
• Target net returns:
SOFR +6% to 8%(*)

• Trade via Euroclear/Clearstream
Quarterly distributions of Cash Net Income
NAV published monthly on Bloomberg, SIX Financial, Vienna Stock Exchange
• Principal repayments begin in
December 2026
• Minimum investment:             
US$125,000 (Institutional Note)             
US$10,000 (Investor Note)
• ISIN Institutional Note: XS2705065006
• ISIN Investor Note: XS2705065261


(*) Target Net Returns for the Institutional Note 

Confidas U.S. Real Estate Credit Opportunity Notes

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