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Confidas U.S. Real Estate Debt Notes

Transitional bridge loan strategy

100% collateralised by shares of a private debt fund with over US$800 million in assets and positive monthly performance since inception (Aug 2019).  The fund exclusively invests in senior first lien mortgage bridge loans for middle-market commercial real estate, mainly multifamily residential, mixed use, hospitality and industrial properties (“U.S. CRE”) in major metropolitan areas of the United States.  All loans are floating rate based on 1 month LIBOR or SOFR.  The portfolio is well diversified by property types, locations and sizes as well as borrowers.


Target net returns:  8% to 10% p.a. distributed quarterly (1)

Minimum Investment:  US$125,000

Principal Repayments:  Starting in the 3rd year

Final Maturity:  October 2028

NAV/Pricing information:  Updated monthly on Bloomberg, SIX Financial

ISIN:  XS2397768339

Clearing:  Euroclear / Clearstream

Loans Portfolio Update:  31 August 2023

August 2023 net return for investors:  0.47%

Loan-to-Value (LTV) weighted average:  67%

Remaining term weighted average:  26 months

Portfolio diversification:  44 loans

Property Type:

Multifamily / Housing:  56%

Mixed Use:  15%

Hospitality:  17%

Office:  5%

Self-Storage: 8%


Northeast:  40%

West:  17%

Southeast:  13%

Midwest:  7%

Southwest:  22%

Please refer to Notes factsheet for important disclosures and further details.  

Confidas U.S. Real Estate Debt Notes

- Factsheet

(1) There can be no assurance that any targeted returns, results, portfolio composition, deal pipelines, diversification, capitalization, or asset allocations will be met or that the investment managers will be able to implement their investment strategies, risk management techniques and investment approach or achieve their investment objectives. Actual returns will depend on, among other factors, general economic conditions, market conditions, investment availability, one-time events and other factors that are described in the relevant Series Memorandum and Programme Memorandum relating to each Note.

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